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02.january 2014
It´s done. Our marathon of birthdays is finished. Further informations you will find at the (german) pages of our I-, , J-, and K-Litter
We wish to all of you, the readers
of our page and your familys a good beginning of this year!


We tried to socialize two
Kids from another, not decleared Breeder. Those two 10 weeks old bengalkitten are really shy and anxiously. The story in behind? is here.
And here the pictures
We have a new stud at our family
„Bengal De Reve H´Kamikaz ” was entering at the 01.may here :)
Bacamel H-Litter
At the 14.february our H-Litter was born. Aiko and Digger are the parents.


24.04.2012 HCM/ PKD Test
TK Duisburg/ Dr. Kresken
Graffiti: HCM/ PKD neg./ neg.
Aiko: HCM/ PKD neg./ neg.
Amilly: HCM/ PKD neg./ neg.
2.World of Cats in Wuppertal
"Downy Doze": CACP, 2x exc3
"Digger": CACJ, exc, 1x mit + 1x ohne Titel
18.03.2012 -
„Graffiti” has Kids, and „A Silent Heartbreaker” ist the dad!


27.11. 2011 -
„Aiko” becomes her 2. Litter, our D-Litter :-)
28.06. 2011 -
We are Greatparents! „Our” „Broken Silence” (Cattery Little Spirits) is become Mother! Best wishes!


29.08. 2010 - „Aiko”
our C-litter is born - we have 3 tom-cats and one cat, all of them right!
16.05. 2010 - „Amilly”
her B-litter is born. there are 3 healthy Kids!
15.02. 2010 - „Amilly”
FIV / FeLV: results negativ
24.01. 2010 - „Cattery Bacamel”
move is done - finally more place for our animals


24.10. 2009 - „Kalindi Amilly of Bacamel”
HCM Screen negativ, PKD tested negativ
20.06. 2009 - „Kalindi Amilly of Bacamel”
Five Babys are born. 2 tom-cats and 3 pussys. All of them healthy and strong.
25.03. 2009 - „Bacamel”
Our Catteryname "Bacamel" is now registered
23.03. 2009 - Catclub
We are members of the KFG
17.03. 2009 - „Bacamel”
new website online
06.03. 2009 - „Amilly”
FIV FeLV tested negativ


03.11. 2008 - „Amilly ”
HCM / RCM Screen negativ



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The topics at this page are:

image: some bengalkitten from our fifth litter

a bengalkitten. November 28, 2013.

one bengalkitten, Bacamel Eragon.

Bengalcattery Bacamel - Keepers & Breeders of Bengalcats. Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Gelsenkirchen, the town where we life, is situated at the western part of germany, near Bochum, Dortmund and Essen. Somebody of you may know our footballclub, FC Schalke 04?
Economically is the area comparable with the area around Birmingham/ England. The industries here keeps alive from coal, steel and transport. It´s not the money-richest part of germany but the people are open and friendly ;-)

Our new Wallpaper for february and march are online. If you want take a look!

Bild Bengalcat liegend, desktopkalender

Attention please!

I´m working to bring the news of our cattery also in english language, searching to do this also for the completely german site - but this needs some time. If some links are not ready, you will be linked further to the german site. This means you change from this server, named "" to another domain, named "". I´ll hope that some day i can delete this post ;-)

Feel welcome at the english part of our webpresence!

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Bild: Foto bengalkitten schreiend

one baby of our fifth litter, just under 5 weeks

Come in ...

... to our little virtually World of bengalcat keeping and breeding.
I wanna hope that this translation of our german page is easily comprehensible.
May be we can enchant you with this superb beauty, the playfully elegance and style, and a really frank and open bengalcat?
We keep bengalcats since some years and i have to emphasize that these cats changed our live and world completely, but over all we gained a lot from the experience!
Our website at present has a size of approximately 3,4 GB. We have hundreds of pictures from our bengalcats displaying them at various ways online, we show you the everyday occurences of our cats at several photo- or Videogallerys. And we wanna give you the possibility to take a look at our way of bengalbreeding. How we live with our animals.

We enjoy every contact with real peoples, not only at the virtually way, but in reality and with your questions.

If you should need more informations please feel free to cantact us at our contact-page Also if you should have problems with the contents or maybe proposals for our pages!

If i may draw your attention to something ...

Some time ago i´d to see that there are people at this world who don´t like to see pictures or videos of little, newborn cats.
I wanna advise you that i have some content on my site displaying newborn cats, also under the age of 4 weeks.
I wanna say: if you don´t like this and you find the confrontation with newborn live offensive - simply don´t klick, view or better you leave this site. ;)

Bild Bengalkatze lugt unter Zaun hindurch

young bengalcat, at here hiding-place under a fence. Link to our actually litter

Our website is build from our own. And all the photos and videos also and we please you to respect this. More informations concerning ©Copyright you will find at our ipmprint-page. If you find errors or broken links please let me now this. We are´nt professionals and we are human .
Hope you enjoy your stay here

current bengal-babys at our cattery

last updates 02.02.2014.2014

It´s done
Around Christmas and the new year we had three birth. It wasn´t easy, there was some problems, but all the cats and kittens are save now.

Bild: Bengalcat and Babys

Bengalcat and Babys. Januar 14, 2014.

Bengalcat "Downy Doze" is the mother of two little bengalkids

further informations about al litters you´ll find at the following sites:

latestPhotos at different gallerys

updated 02.02.2014

Gallery Sweethearts: a little mix of varied Babycat-pictures. My favorites ;) Gallery Sweethearts

23.August. some pictures of well sleeping babys: Sleeping Beauty

Am 16. August habe ich eine Galerie eingestellt die uns hoffentlich immer die Importanz einer guten Sozialisierung vor Augen hält. Zwei Kitten, drei Wochen, viele Probleme.


Many Kittenpictures are at the gallery of our h-litter

One new „old” Gallery. Play & jump.

and so on... All gallerys you´ll find here

„Bengal De Reve H´Kamikaz ”

last updated 31. Dezember 2013

at 01. May 2013 arrived our new stud.

If you follow this Link you´ll find his page and further informations and pictures of him. :)

H´Kamikaz liegt in der Sonne und beobachtet seine Umgebung

Bengal de reve H´Kamikaz of Bacamel.

Our kamikaz is playing with water at the garden

. März 01, 2013

bild bengalkitten

Downys first Babys!


Where you can find us?


We are on facebook!

The greatest part of our catgallerys is opened for all of our visitors.


The Facebook - pictures of our D-litter


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Tierfoto bengal print

"wanna play with me?"


With some of our best photos you can find us also at some fine-art prints.
My pictures are made without flashlight. I don´t like it, the cats dont like it also.
If you´re interested, take a look at:



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